Welwyn Wong

Landscape Design

Welwyn Wong Landscape Design is a leading landscape design firm that operates from Manotick. Welwyn and her talented design team have been transforming their clients’ properties into breathtaking retreats since the year 2000. As a multi-disciplinary group, they are happy to guide you with their expertise in the fields of landscape architecture, horticulture, interior design and landscape construction.

Our mission is to draw you outdoor to reconnect with nature and create spaces you will enjoy for many years to come. “If I can get you to value your outdoor space then you will want to protect it,” Wong says. This is what drives her to designing the most tranquil spaces for her clients to relax and unwind at the end of their busy day. The company’s philosophy to renew, recycle, and replenish, drives their award winning designs creating landscapes that are uniquely suited to the people that use them.